Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reflections on "Santa Day"

Here I am, feet up on the table, stretchy pants on...  Christmas 2010, or Santa Day, as our 2 1/2-year old calls it, it almost over. It was pretty much a picture perfect Christmas, except for the fact that all that lovely snow that we got earlier this month now is gone. Oh, well. We do live in a rain forest after all. Meanwhile Sweden is under a thick blanket of snow and there were some crazy stats coming through on the web: -33 degrees Celsius in Northern Sweden, people literally snowed in in the South. That leads me to believe that I should be happy with what we've got - the ability to look out the window on snow-capped mountains and only a short 35 minute drive to one of the world's most premier ski resorts. Yeah, that will do!

Right now the whole family is kicking back after two days of celebrating: Swedish Christmas with all the fixings (including Tomten, Swedish Santa, coming to our house to hand out the presents, Donald Duck at 3 pm and lots and lots of food!) on the 24th, Canadian Christmas on the 25th. Boxing day has been a day of rest and recovery and now we are looking forward to one more week of school holidays, for Bella at least. I have an other exam coming up and not enough time was spent studying these last few weeks, so I've got some catching up to do....

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