Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red mittens

On the Eve of the Olympic Torch arriving to Squamish, I realize that I still haven't bought those - by now famous - red mittens for Bella. I've been telling her for over a month that I'll go get her some. And here I am. Less that 24 h to go and not a red mitten in sight. Don't get me wrong, I know that she will survive this too and I am sure that there are many other children that don't have theirs, but still.... I should have gotten her some mittens! My only hope is that there are some cheap knock-off ones in one of the local stores, because I obviously won't be able to get to the Bay before tomorrow.
Last night Bella asked if I have ever seen the Olympic Torch before. She was quite shocked to find out that I haven't (what that says about how old she thinks I am, I do not wish to dwell upon...). I explained to her that this is a very unique thing that is happening around us and that most people never get to experience what it is like to have their home-town host an event of this magnitude. It was as if this was a completely new revelation to her - she seems to have been under the impression that the Olympics and the Torch Relay take place all over the world, all of the time. Did we miss telling her this? In all the talk about the sports and the costs and the venues and the roads, did we never mention what an honour this is? How rare this is? Did we never talk about Olympism, of promoting peace and understanding through sport, of the sense of pride we take in the accomplishments of our nations athletes, of how this is BCs chance to shine? Well, thankfully it is not to late yet - I have 8 more days...

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  1. Hey Jeanette!! I just found your blog - and the Olympics are going to be near where you live???!! That is so exciting - I am so jealous! What is it about the red mittens though, why do all the children need them? Is this a Canada thing or an Olympic thing I don't know about? --Noah